Looking to spruce up your wallpaper, and show your school spirit? By clicking the links below each image you can save these wallpapers to your desktop. 


MacBook: Open the Apple Menu and select “System Preferences”. Click “Desktop & Screensaver” Tap the “+” button to add pictures from another location. Click a picture to set it as your wallpaper. Select the “Change picture” checkbox to setup a wallpaper rotation (optional). 

Windows: Right-click your desktop and select “Personalize”. This option is at the bottom of the context menu that appears and will take you to the “Personalization” menu. Some sample images will be displayed under the “Choose your picture” header. Click “Browse” to select a photo. Click to select a photo and press “Choose Picture”. Select an option from the “Choose your fit” drop-down. 

Android: Open the “Settings” app. Tap “Display”. This is listed under the “Device” header and will open a list of options specific to your screen. Tap “Wallpaper”. This will open a list of places from your phone to select wallpapers. Tap “Photos”. This will open a list of ALL photos on your device, including those located in the Photos app, Downloads, or other third-party apps. Tap a picture to preview it as a wallpaper. Tap and drag the picture to adjust its positioning. You can also pinch or reverse pinch to zoom in and out. Tap “Set Wallpaper” at the top of the picture.

Apple Devices: From your iOS device, simply tap on the image to load the full resolution photo. Then, tap and hold on the full resolution image till you see “Save Image” popup at the bottom of the screen. Tap “Save Image” to add the photo to your camera roll. Once you have saved the image in your camera roll on your iOS device, simply open the photos app and find the image you want to set as your background image. Tap on it to view it in full screen. Then, tap on the sharing button in the bottom left corner and select “Use as Wallpaper”. Move and Scale if desired and tap “Set” when you are done. Choose “Set Home Screen” and enjoy your new background.