Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The mission of the Keene State College Student Athlete Advisory Committee (KSC SAAC) is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting athletic, academic, and social opportunities for all student-athletes; protecting student-athlete welfare; fostering a positive student-athlete image; providing a forum for student-athletes throughout the campus, conference, and NCAA; encouraging the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship, while maintaining the tenants of the NCAA Division III philosophy: DISCOVER, DEVELOP, DEDICATE.

Functions of KSC SAAC
  • Enhance communication between athletics administration and student-athletes
    • Generate a student-athlete voice within KSC, LEC, and NCAA governing bodies
    • Provide student-athlete feedback and insight into departmental initiatives
    • Solicit student-athlete response to proposed LEC and NCAA legislation
  • Promote a positive student-athlete image within the campus and surrounding community
    • Create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus-wide committees
    • Organize and publicize collective/individual team community service efforts
  • Build a sense of community within the KSC Athletics program involving all intercollegiate teams
    • Invite two representatives/intercollegiate team to serve as SAAC members at meetings scheduled throughout the academic year
    • Develop true student-athlete leaders through SAAC programming opportunities
    •  Involve all teams in campus activities, events, and educational programs

Current SAAC Events

  • K-1 Youth Basketball Partnership with Keene Parks and Recreation Department, January 6th-February 10th - read more here
  • DIII Week: Athletes vs. Greeks, April 4th
  • Owls for Owls - Keene State teams supporting other Keene State teams, Ongoing
Executive Structure of KSC SAAC

Advisor - Carrah Fisk Hennessey '99, Head Coach - Softball
  • provide leadership through mentoring in College/LEC/NCAA policies, procedures,  development, and educational opportunities
  • coordinate SAAC communication, including requests  from  KSC Athletic Director, Senior Woman Administrator, Faculty Athletic Representative, and Sports Information offices
  • assist with scheduling meeting dates/times/spaces and disseminating information

E-Board Positions 2019-20

Presidents: Paxton Blanchard and Zack Collins

Vice President(s): Lilly Shlimon, Brooke Arruda, Nina Bruno

Treasurer: Allison Daisy

Secretary: Nicole De Almeida


LEC Representatives: Alex (WSOC), Paxton (MLAX), Megan (VB), Ryan (BASE), Nina (FH


Small Group Chairs

Social Media: Paxton (MLAX), Isaiah (MSOC), Emily (WSD), Brooke (SB)

Owls4Owls: Sidi (MBB), Nina (FH)

Special Olympics: Ali (WLAX), Connor (BASE), Alexis (SB)

Keene Parks & Recreation: Lynne (WXC), Will (BASE)

MCVP: Brooke (SB), Lilly (WBB)

Fresh Check: Emily (WSD), Brooke (SB)

Mindfulness: Ali (WLAX), Sidi (MBB), Jordan (MBB), Lilly (WBB)

DIII Week: Megan (VB), Liz (VB), Jenny (WBB), Brianna (WBB), Tyler (MSD)

NCAA Initiatives: Sidi (MBB), Kara (WXC), Jenny (WBB), Brianna (WBB), Ali (WLAX), Brian (MLAX)