Frequently Asked Questions For Parents of Keene State College Student-Athletes

Below is a list of frequently asked questions by parents of Keene State student-athletes. 

1.  Are student-athletes required to have a physical?

Per NCAA rules, new varsity student-athletes must have an updated physical within six months of the first day of participation for their respective sport.   Please check with the head coach of your sport to confirm the first day of participation.  

2.  What other forms is my child required to complete before participation?

Each student-athlete needs to complete two sets of information before participation in their sport.  All student-athletes are emailed instructions to where they can complete this information over the summer.   Both must be completed before the first practice.  It is important to note that both SportsWare Online and FrontRush are tied to a student-athlete's email address and they should be checking their email frequently over the summer.

  • SportsWareOnline (SWOL) is the student’s sports medicine account.  Here they upload their physical, immunizations and copies of the front and back of the insurance card.  They also must complete forms for consent to treat and release of information.
  • FrontRush.  This required is Keene State College and NCAA compliance and eligibility paperwork.

3.  How early can varsity athletes check in to their residence hall on the morning of their approved check-in day?

Check in for fall preseason student-athletes is between 9-11 am on August 17, 2018 for volleyball and August 19, 2018 for men's and women's cross country, men's and women's soccer, and field hockey.   All other first year student-athletes will move into their residence hall on August 22, and all other returning student-athletes will move in on August 26.

4.  When varsity athletes arrive early for pre-season training, will they move into their permanent residence hall or will they be expected to move at the end of pre-season training?

They will move into their permanent residence hall.

5.  Should early returning varsity athletes bring all of their belongings for a single move or should we plan on having two move-in dates?

Student-athletes will not be changing residence hall after preseason, so it is reccomended that they move in as if they were preparing for the academic year.   Additional items may be moved in whenever necessary as long as they comply with Keene State residential life policies.

6.  Will the dining halls be open and offering service during the Fall preseason and Winter training periods?

Yes, the dining commons will be open during preseason and winter break at designated times for student-athletes to eat.

7.  Will there be any fall preseason meals provided?

The Zorn Dining Commons will be open during preseason at designated times for teams to eat.   Teams travelling on the road for scrimmages during preseason will have to-go meals prepared for them.

8.  Do undergraduate students have access to on campus parking?

A limited number of permits are made available for freshmen on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Please contact campus safety with questions:

9.  Can any incoming student tryout for a varsity athletic team?

Generally, the answer is yes; however, tryout opportunities vary by team. We recommend prospective KSC student-athletes who have not had contact with the coach contact the head coach directly for team specific information.

10.  How can I find information about hotels in the Keene area?

There are many hotels and a variety of accommodations in the area.   The Best Western Sovereign Hotel is the preferred hotel of KSC Athletics.

11.  Are varsity athletic team schedules available online?

Absolutely, please go to to access sport specific KSC varsity team schedules. 

12.  How can I follow the teams if I do not live in the Monadnock Region?

Many sports have live stream broadcasts; please check specific schedule pages.   

13.  Can I invite an KSC team to my house for a meal, or can I pay for a team meal on the road or after a home contest?

Yes, if you are interested in providing a meal for an KSC team, we recommend you contact the Head Coach directly to discuss opportunities and details.

14.   If I am interested in supporting a varsity team by making a financial donation, what should I do?

If you are interested in making a financial donation, go to for additional information. You will be able to scroll through the giving website and find a specific team or fund.

15.  Will I be contacted if my son or daughter is sick or injured?

Right to Privacy and Federal law restricts the amount of information that can be shared at any given time. If you would like to know more about the HIPAA and FERPA Laws as they relate to privacy and confidentiality, please click on the following links:



16.   Does KSC provide varsity athletic gear and equipment to team members?

Yes, varsity student-athletes receive basic gear and equipment to support their participation during the competitive season.

17. Is there a cost to attend Keene State College contests? 

At this time, only men's and women's soccer and men's and women's basketball are ticketed sports.  Each student-athlete receives four complimentary tickets per game. The complimentary tickets are in two forms; a KSC issued VIP pass, or a daily game pass list.  A student-athlete is afforded his or her choice of combination of these options.

Please note; VIP passes are non-transferrable and are only good for the user to be let in to the game.  A photo ID will be required.   Names on the pass list may change from game to game.  

All other sports are free of charge, with the exception of any NCAA tournament contests.

Current ticket prices are:

Adults: $5
High School Students with ID: $3
Senior Citizens: $2
Children Under 12: Free

18. Why is my child listed with a different academic year?

On, student-athletes are listed with their year of eligibility, which is not necessarily their academic year.   Please contact Abe Osheyack for a more detailed explanation or with questions. 

If you have any additional questions related to the KSC Athletic Department, please contact Abe Osheyack, Assistant Athletic Director, at or 603-358-2630.