Mission Statement

Keene State College athletic programs strive to consistently achieve national excellence. Our student athletes endeavor to excel academically and athletically, while valuing and enhancing leadership, diversity, sportsmanship, and integrity with a sense of pride and tradition in the college and surrounding community. 

Guiding Principles

The Keene State athletic/recreation department strives to maintain professionalism by adhering to the following list of principles:

1. Honesty is the underlying theme on which all interaction is based and is the foundation of our professional behavior.

2.  Our commitment is to provide educational experiences and opportunities to enhance the quality of life and to do our job right.

3. Enthusiasm and dedication shown throughout our work transforms the experiences of the students from ordinary events to lifetime memories.

4. Mutual support and understanding are necessary for successful programs and services.

5. Every individual will be treated with respect.


It is the philosophy of KSC athletics that intercollegiate sports must be secondary to a program of academic excellence. The athletic program at KSC serves three basic purposes:

1.  To provide student-athletes with an opportunity to earn a degree and become productive members of society, in accordance with the mission of the college;

2.  To provide student-athletes with opportunities to demonstrate athletic excellence in an environment which promotes sportsmanship and ethical behavior, embraces diversity and inclusion, abides by Title IX regulations and which places a premium on the health and welfare of the student-athlete;

3.  To bring to KSC recognition and community support, which are so vital to the development of a strong college.

Gender Equity

Keene State College is fully committed to equal opportunity and support for female and male athletes.

Information regarding this effort can be found by entering Keene State College in the Name of Institution field at: ope.ed.gov/athletics/Search.asp