The Theta Chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma was founded at Keene State College in 2017.  The National College Athlete Honor Society was founded at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, on May 17, 1996, by DePauw head football coach and professor of kinesiology, Nick Mourouzis. Mourouzis recognized that there were many organizations that honored top or elite athletes with high academic achievements, but none that honored all participants of athletic teams who were letter winners of their sport and who maintained a high cumulative grade point average. Chi Alpha Sigma hopes to bring honor and recognition to deserving student-athletes, their families, teams, athletic departments, and colleges in much the same way as Phi Beta Kappa honors scholastics.

Criterion for induction include:

  • Must attend a four-year accredited college or university that is a member of the NCAA or NAIA
  • Must have earned a letter in a varsity intercollegiate sport sponsored by the NCAA or the NAIA.
  • Must have achieved at least junior academic standing by the fifth semester or seventh quarter as determined by the certifying institution.
  • Must have achieved a minimum cumulative 3.4 (on a 4.0 scale) or equivalent grade point average by the time of the selection process. Local chapters may require a higher minimum cumulative grade point average, if they choose.
  • Must be of good moral character.


2017-18 Inductees   2018-19   2019-20
Jared Hannon   J.J. Tinney   Kelly Hunt
Emily Jarka   Dale Dubinsky   Olivia Mathieu
Katharine Lynch   Lynne Hebert   Brooke Arruda
Gavin Thomas   Hailey Beaupre   Greg Poggioli
Julia Babbitt   Olivia Pechulis   Matthew Lemke
Mia Brickley   Ally McCall   Lilly Shlimon
Josh DeGrenier   Ryan Linehan   Isaac Keehn
Paul Beling   Sophie Bushey   Nina Bruno
Joseph Downey   Rebecca Freitas   Megan Palmer
Charles Molloy   Nicole De Almeida   Jonah Smith
Julie Elwell   Erin Morley   Alexis Blanchette
Olivia Indorf   Sydney McGough   Rachel Loseby
Courtney Votto       Caitlin Klose
Lauren Arsenault       Michael Schenk
Katie Brandeberry       Paxton Blanchard
Alexandra McCafferty       Madysen Audet
Hope Walsh       McKenna Blean
Dominique Pascoal       Erin McNemar
Riley Bunker       Alaina Duley
Rachel Lamica       Naomi Murzin
Sandi Purcell       Nate Howard
Emily Parker       Ethan Rose
Samantha Sullivan       Emma Pede
Cora Telles       Taylor Robison
Katie Bottis       Casey Koziara
Morgan Kathan       Ali Daisy
Patricia Norton        Meghan Moran
Zoe Paige        
Julia Pearson        
Katie Silegy        
Stephanie Spitz        
Tyrah Urie